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You could feel it in the air. The world had changed.

It wasn't that the web had gotten less important, in fact, very much the opposite. The web was, until the day before yesterday, a series of pages that could be viewed on your computer. Now it had somehow broken free of its bonds and sprung to life.

At SXSW - content has surpassed the technology.

SXSW's Next Big Thing Summed Up in One Word: 'Us'

Every time I come back from the SXSW Interactive conference, I get asked the same thing: "So what's the next big thing?" There seems to be this artificial pressure to "discover" the next Twitter. The next Foursquare.

It never used to be that way. SXSW Interactive used to be about academia. About teaching and learning from each other. About the future of technology and humanity. About criticism, heated discussion and debate.

Part 2: SXSW Video Series - Interviews with Programmable Web, Apigee and SimpleGeo

In part one of our video series from SXSW we posted our interviews with Oren Michaels of Mashery and Mike Maney of Alcatel-Lucent. In part two, we have three interviews to show you.

John Musser of Programmable Web discusses how APIs are helping solve the issues that come with a fragmented device market. Sam Ramji of Apigee discusses how programming is coming to everything from weight scales to tractors. And Matt Galligan of SimpleGeo discusses the issue of dominance in the API space by companies such as Google and Facebook.

The Future of Angry Birds & What it Means

Rovio, the company behind the wildly popular app Angry Birds, has plans to launch a live, multi-player and multi-media version of its mobile game. That new, richer version of the game could be offered at no cost to the data plans of users, through carrier partnerships.

Hoover's at SXSW 2011

GoIP Global, provider of mobile media services, specializing in connecting brands, enterprises, and local businesses with consumers, has announced that it has unveiled the company’s GO800 and GOBOX service applications at SXSW (News - Alert) (South by Southwest) this past weekend, the annual event in Austin, Texas.

SXSW: Thinking Beyond Publishing to Storytelling

In PW’s first trip to SXSW, we came to the Interactive portion of the days-long event in Austin wondering how best to tackle a show featuring an endless stream of panels, talks, and parties. Aside from how to cover an event this massive, we came to Texas with a more pressing question which other publishing folk who’ve attended (or considered attending) have asked: do publishing people belong at SXSW? The quick answer is yes, but not at the publishing panels.

USA TODAY Pushes Mobile Feeds at SXSW

Remember when SXSW was just about music? Yeah, neither do I. When it came to my attention, it was because of all the incredible tech that goes on display there.

rdio Launches Technical & Business Plan to Route Around Apple's Subscription Fee

Streaming music subscription service Rdio today announced availability of a series of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that outside developers can use to add playback of Rdio's 8 million song catalog and social features like popular playlists to their web applications.

API of the Week: Mashery API Discovery Hub

Instead of a single API, this week we're highlighting Mashery's new API discovery hub. The hub indexes APIs ranging from the The Guardian Open Platform to the Cheezburger Developer Network. And if you build something cool with one of those APIs Read more: '


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