eGo Kit For Newbie and Those Quitting Smoking



Kanger’s eGo Starter Kit is ideal for those that think “cloud chasing” is a new technology for building faster websites in the cloud.  Or, they know darn well about vape clouds but they’re not ready to buy an eCig to impress the folks next door!   These tried and true kits are built for ease of use. Buy one, and you succeed at quitting smoking with one and you won’t need to chase heaven’s clouds: Fear of death by lung cancer will be a distant memory.


Many people choose to use an EVOD starter kit to quit smoking. Others think blister kits are best for quitting smoking: for sure they are a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you just want to try out electronic cigarettes.


The problem with those is that the tanks are never very good. It’s usually a CE4 or a CE5 tank, but with an Kanger’s EVOD you’re actually going to have an EVOD tank, which is an awesome tank in itself, and it looks like a really high quality eGo style battery.


You get your instruction book and two complete batteries and two tanks with the kit.  It also comes with the charger and what is a nice deal is that they include five replacement coils.


You can plug it right into your USB port on a computer or laptop, so it really is an easy system. The tanks are easy to fill or change the coils. Just take the base out. There’s a long stem coil, which makes them really easy to replace. They are single bottom changeable coils, and you want to fill it up right to the side until you get it to the top of the glass. But you don’t want to overfill and go into the air hole, of course.


While you’re still holding it upside down, you want to put your coil and your base piece back in, and screw it down tight. If you did that right you shouldn’t have any leakage. Once you got it filled, you to want to give it a few minutes to soak up. Press the button five times, you’ll see the battery lights. This comes with two of the batteries, which should last you about a half a day vaping, so the fact that you get two of them means you can just alternate them on the charger and have a constant charged battery to vape on.


These are really nice tanks, very inexpensive and they work great. They really haven’t improved a ton, which is fine. She does great on this eGo style 3.7 volt battery. It’s amazing. We would say it’s much better than the CE4 or CE5 blister kits. You can really mouth to lung off of this or straight lung hit it, either way. The vapor is thick like you want it and smooth. It’s not too hot, and it doesn’t gag you with throat hit. We recommend this little EVOD starter kit for anybody trying to get off cigarettes or anybody looking to step up from a cig-alike.  You can get this for under $40, so not a bad deal considering you’re getting two of the batteries and two of the tanks, and they come in a ton of different colors and designs.